If Youth Has Lost Existence

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – THE REAL MEANS that unearth the “potential” of Muslim youth today, under the pretext of interest and talent search, reinforce most of our teenagers completely lost existence. Their presence at the Academy of Fantasia Indosiar (AFI), Indonesian Idol, Dangdut TPI (KDI) Contest, and other set of events, make it clear that our generation is only able to produce a generation of dream imitators again.

Generations who can not stand on their own feet and exclaim, “Here we are …! In the midst of such an enormous wave of life, we are swayed, and no longer know whom to look for. Our lives are set to no longer know ourselves. We walk the earth with a void of nothing. ”

That’s because they are far from the din. Religion (Islam) in their view is nothing more than a theme in the soap opera that airs in the month of Ramadan, or a kiai, complete with his cloak and turban that fights against evil demon in the soap opera, or who can subdue ghosts, or become jokes that are played In a comedy show, for one reason; entertainment. Inna lilllahi wa inna divine raji’un.

It seems to them that studying religion is a “shame”, even a laughingstock for people who want to return to their religion in total (kaffah).

They assume that their Islam is enough with prayers, even if perforated. They understand that “animating” Ramadan with “Islamic” activities is enough for them to be called muslims.

They think by helping small people, they already show that they are inwardly Muslim. They forget (or do not know) if their Islam is threatened by elimination. Things that may not be realized or indeed unthinkable at all




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