Halal Shop in Paris Forced to Sell Alcohol and Pork

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – A kosher ‘Good Price’ store located on the outskirts of Paris was asked to sell alcohol and pork. If not, the store is threatened to close.

Reported from Muslim Village, Wednesday (10/8), Good Price store located on the outskirts of Paris is considered to have violated the lease agreement. Breach of the lease agreement in question is the store refuses to sell locally made alcohol and pork products.

Reportedly, a local community in Colombes press will not work together if the store does not sell alcohol and pork sold there. The pressure was also launched by the Colombian Mayor Nicole Goueta.

According to Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Jerome Besnard, the mayor has visited the halal shop in person. He asked the store owner to sell alcohol and pork, because he did not want any exclusive Muslim or non-Muslim areas.

Currently, the halal store is threatened with store lease terminations that should last until 2019. Meanwhile, store manager Soulemane Yalcin, citing the needs of local customers, will take legal action to keep the store.




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