Halal haram in buying and selling

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Ustadz KH. Imtihan Shafi’i. Lc, M.IF delivered the discussion “Halal Haram In Sale and Sale” in Islamic studies at At Tiin Karang mosque, Sanggrahan, Grogol, Sukoharjo, Sunday (30/10/2016).

There are three things that are prohibited in buying and selling, according to Ustadz Imtihan namely the existence of Riba, kedholiman and horror (not clear). Riba has been established in the Qur’an that it will continue to have the provisions of the law of haram, until the coming of Judgment.

“Apostle said approaching doomsday, when the time comes when good people say adultery do not here here lho my home is a good person. What era came, adultery so allowed? Of course not, then the usury until the end of time remains legal haram “he said.

Muikalah Maikiyah jurisprudence law such as the origin of muamalat sale and purchase transaction is mubah, unless there is a proof that prohibition. But according to Ustadz Imtihan should the scholars who may weigh.

“Far away the Apostle has said people will be exposed to usury, although it does not eat directly but exposed to the dust of usury. This hadith does not mean usury is allowed, still usury is forbidden. Although the legal origin of buying and selling mubah, still the scholars and cleric who berilmu be considered “he said.

Ustadz Imtihan says that selling something we do not have is the same as kedholiman. But if there is a permit the owner of the goods we want to sell this makes legitimate by agreement or cooperation.

“For example, selling online, there are neighbors selling the bike, we know that nawar looks sour face. It seems that the price of 7.5 million is not approved, then we go online with specifications such as the condition of our neighbor motorcycle with a price of 8 million. There are buyers had agreed to buy, may not like that? Why, because it has not asked for the same permission that has “he said.

Another jurisprudence rule is all affairs depending on the intention, buying and selling ‘Inah and all that is intended to be able to do usury then Immigrants Imtihan said it is forbidden.

“Buy and sell ‘is an example of this example 5 million dollars then I sell a laptop to someone with 5 million and will be purchased again with 6 million in a way this installment in the category of usury” he said.

In addition, buying and selling with high-level speculation (horror) is also prohibited. But if low speculation is still acceptable, ustadz Imtihan exemplifies selling eggs is having a small horror because it is impossible for the egg buyer to make sure the eggs are all good, not out of rotten things.

“The sale of a large horror like buying and selling peanuts in the fields, while not yet plucked the plant. It is not clear that the bean is only visible in its leaves, although it is sampled by some places but it can not be represented. So the scholars say this includes a great horror. The solution how, yes sold peanuts “he said.




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