Getting Rich with Ethos ‘Economic Jihad’

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – ONE of the analyzes that surfaced why the Manual of Dimas Kanjeng Obedient Person can attract many followers is an economic motive. ”

Instinctively, not many people want to choose to live in a shortage of property. Therefore, Islam encourages its people to have the ethos of ‘jihad’. Not merely in the context of warfare, but also economy.

A Abdurrahman bin Auf does not necessarily receive the gift of treasure from a brother in faith who lives more than sufficiency. He actually asked to be indicated where the market.

Of course, Abdurrahman bin Auf seriously builds his financial independence by fought in the market to be able to master it.

Prophet David for example, undergoing a profession as a craftsman. The prophet Joseph also had a profession as treasurer of the state. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), before being appointed a prophet by God, worked as a shepherd and a merchant.
Since childhood, in order to keep izzahnya from begging, he did not want to be a living person from merciful people. Since young, she shepherded goats, helped her uncle in trade, until then became a professional trader in running business with Khadijah.

In other words, no wealth can be achieved without the ethos of jihad in embracing it. Sweat, blood, maybe even life at stake. If there is wealth that can be achieved with a shortcut, then almost certainly that way deviates from the provisions of sharia.

This is where the perfection of Islam, in terms of seeking sustenance must be based on faith and akhlakul karimah.

Imam Ghazali in Ihya ‘Ulumuddin, explains, akhlaq is the most important capital in work, “It is not appropriate for merchants to focus their views on the world alone, by forgetting the afterlife. If that happens, then his age will be in vain. Should for the sensible is recommended to maintain himself by keeping his capital. And the human capital in this life is the religion and business (trade) that exist in it “. As the word of Allah swt. “Do not forsake your share of the pleasures of the world” (Surah al-Qasas [28]: 77).

Only corruptors and swindlers are willing to abandon morals and faith in seeking wealth, which is why they can accumulate wealth without effort and sacrifice. Therefore, hard working mentality must be a way of thinking of Muslims.

Long before the multiplication of money in Probolinggo, several years ago also rampant cases of fraud through investments, which turned out to be bulging. There is a Blue Sky Cooperative, and a variety of other investments now, those who have been tricked deeply regretted the choices they have made in the past.

In other words, build the ethos of jihad in building the financial power of self and family.

Yusuf Qardhawi in his book Fiqih Jihad explains that working for sustenance on earth for the grace of God, if he works for his elderly parents or for himself not to beg for others and enough with kehalallannya, he is in The way of God. The meaning in the way of Allah (fi sabilillah) is jihad.

Furthermore, Yusuf Qardhawi argues that economic jihad is part of the civil jihad. Therefore, the ethos of innovation is emphasized in Islam.

Yusuf Qardhawi wrote an important illustration for this people not to be lax, lazy and far from innovation. “Feeling satisfied with agriculture without industry, is the choice that plunges people into danger. It is spoken from Umar in marfu ‘, “If you have bought and sold with this system (engineering system from consuming usury), dissolve in agriculture, follow the cows and leave jihad, Allah will inflict humiliation on you that will not be revoked until you Back to your religion. ”

As we experience now, natural resources abound, but because it is not followed by the spirit to build the industry, the production of chocolate must also go abroad. In fact, cocoa plants exist in Indonesia, and people have to buy at a price that is not small.

Thus the field of jihad in the economic field is still very wide open. And, for every Muslim, let’s keep his izzah with mental jihad in work. Do not think instantly, so pawn the faith.

For if today’s work has not provided the expected riches, understand and believe, by working we are already in the truth.

“Who works for himself to be honorable (not begging) then he is in the way of Allah, and who works to multiply his treasure then he is in the path of the devil.” (HR Baihaqi).

In other narrations, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “When he comes out in order to earn a living for his young son, it also includes jihad fi sabilillah. If the exit in order to earn a living for his elderly parents, then it is also jihad fi sabilillah. If he is out in order to earn a living for himself in order to maintain self-esteem, then it also includes jihad fi sabilillah. However, if the exit is accompanied by riya and rah-rah, then it is an effort in the way of demons. “(HR Thabrani).

Hoping to be rich without effort and trusting all sorts of things beyond the common sense of mausia, cheating and corruption, is the same as having volunteered to die before doom. It’s so outrageous. In fact, Islam does not command such.

The Messenger of Allah (saws) said, “Truly, if one of you searched for firewood and carried the bundle of wood, it is better than he begs someone to give him or not.” (Narrated al-Bukhari and Muslim)




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