China Halal Meat Industry Agrees to Open Jobs for 10,000 Poor Families

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – One of China’s largest producers of halal meat packaging products is committed to opening 10,000 jobs in halal meat factories aimed specifically at one of China’s poorest regions.

This commitment is contained in a cooperation agreement with Xincheng County local government that includes cattle ranching and halal meat processing plants, as reported by Global Meat News on Wednesday (03/07).

Henan Dayong Bangjie Food has signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Xincheng County, Guangxi Province. The investment is worth RMB 250 million renminbi ($ 37 million US dollars) in the cattle fattening industry, halal meat processing plants and refrigeration facilities.

Henan Dayong Bangjie Food Company will target domestic market for meat packing industry and international halal market.

Guangxi province is one of the poorest rural areas in China, but in recent years the Guangxi region has become a magnet for the Henan Dayong Bangjie Food meat company to shift their cattle feeding and crops industries from richer areas to reduce waste pollution problems industry.

The new agreement between Henan Dayong Bangjie Food and Xincheng County is expected to benefit the 10,000 poor families planned to be incorporated into the Bangjie scheme to work as farm laborers and factory workers.

Li Chao Hui, Deputy Secretary General of the local Communist Party, said that the local government of Xincheng County would “support the project with a favorable policy”, but did not specify what they meant.

Typically, the impetus for industry players includes access to local land and cheap tariffs for industrial uses such as electricity.




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