Because of jihad, Indonesia is victorious against the invaders

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Running adab is important in Islamic teachings. Important. Especially adab against the scholars. For, with it will bring a lot of blessings and good things.

If adab is executed, it will be blessed, as the blessings of the books of the scholars that until now still continue to be enjoyed by Muslims in the world, because it is written with a high adab.

In addition, independence came from the struggle of Muslims and scholars. Examples of the results of clerical influence in independence. For example Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) on 22 October 1945 issued a Jihad Resolution is a call or a fatwa issued by NU and written by the founder of NU KH. Hasyim Ash’ari.

According to him, the content of the Jihad Resolution written by KH Hasyim Asyari is ‘That to defend and uphold the Republic of Indonesia according to Islamic law, including as a duty for every Muslim’.

Prior to this appeal, in the 18th century has been published jihad book that inspired the movement of jihad in the archipelago against the invaders. The book was written by Sheikh Abdu Somad al-Palimbani, a cleric from Palembang, who wrote the book Advice of al-Muslimin wa Tazkirawat al-Mukminin fi Fadhail al-Jihad fi Sabilillah. Not only writing the book, he also sent a letter to the kings of Mataram to continue fighting against the invaders.

Mirisnya in the textbooks of Indonesian children’s school today is told exactly the failure. And it is important that we together understand history. Related to the problem and appreciate the figures, examples of events that occurred in Christian circles recently where the government gave an award to the Catholic figure Father Fransiscukus van Lith (died in 1926 at the age of 62 years).

Father Van Lith, known as the Jesuit Priest who laid the foundation of Catholicism in Java, especially Central Java. On December 14, 1904 Father Van Lith baptized 171 villagers from Kalibawang area in Sendangsono, Kulon Progo. The 171 people were the first natives to embrace the Catholic Church.

In fact, one of his students Albertus Setyo Pranoto, one of the grandchildren of a kiai in Yogyakarta.Dia school in Van Lith high school, of course Van Lith is highly recognized as a figure who managed to break down the Islamic defense in Java. In addition, when Muhammadiyah was founded in 1912, KH Ahmad Dahlan was very strict against the current Christianization in Indonesia supported by the Dutch colonial policy. Because Dr. Alwi Shihab in his book once stated that Muhammadiyah was established among others for stemming the currents of Christianization.

The number of Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia; 1907 (Tebuireng), 1910 (Situbondo) and Bukit Tinggi, made the Netherlands take a different approach to influence the Natives.

Father Van Lith, for example, used an educational approach in his Christian mission. But somehow Van Li’s consideration was suddenly recognized as a cultural figure. Though he refused the use of Malay because it is considered Islamic Language. And now our government records it as a National Hero whose teaching is the doctrine of the missionaries. For Catholics this is certainly a great achievement.

This is an example of how these Catholics greatly value their religious leaders or leaders. And now if we reflect on our situation what is our school. Do we introduce to our children about who is KH Ahmad Dahlan? Who is KH.Abdullah Syafii known as the Betawi Lion? But few of our children know it.

In Tafsir al Azhar, Buya HAMKA who once said, one way missionaries and orientalists undermine Islam is by teaching history. Therefore do not be surprised our nation is educated to love Gajah Mada more than Raden Fatah.

King Demak, the first Islamic empire, led the jihadist expedition to Malacca to attack the Portuguese army by sending 275 war ships. But the irony, which we find in our country today, the majority of Muslims but in many places that often encountered are idols (statues) . And this is important since the early child is shown in the right history, educated the true religion.




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