JIB Community is Expected to Keep The History Book of Indonesia in Popular Style

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Members of the Intellectual and Young Religious Council of Indonesia (MIUMI) Yogyakarta appreciated the presence of the book ‘The Forgotten Struggle’ by Co Founder of the Islamic Trace Society for the Nation (JIB) Rizki Lesus. This was stated in a Pro-U Media book talk show at Yogyakarta Islamic Fair event, Yogyakarta State University (UNY) recently.

“The book is written in a popular style or popular book. This is very rare in the writing of history books so we can read it easily, unlike most books that are quite ‘heavy’, “said Dr. Okrizal hopes that history books with popular styles continue to be born by JIB writers.

According to Dr. Okrisal, the history of Islamic writing does not seem to seem even could be according to him there is a hide. “As we know the speech of Islamic figures in BPUPKI actually not found his notes. How did it happen? This is one of our questions, when there are notes of speech Soekarno, l Seopomo, etc., “he said.

Therefore, Dr. Okrisal advised JIB to continue working and voicing the role of Muslims who seem forgotten. “This book reminds us that it is true that there is a big role of ulama that we must now remind to the young generation,” he concluded.




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