Algeria Discover 600 Historical Documents of the Ottoman Caliphate Period Of The French Auction House

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – The Algerian government early in April announced that it had taken ownership of 600 historical maps and manuscripts dating from the Ottoman Caliphate that had previously been in the country.

According to a statement issued by the Algerian Ministry of Culture, the documents were purchased last week at a public auction in France.

The documents of history and manuscripts are documents that existed during the Ottoman-Algerian period and the early years of French occupation in Algeria.

Some 600 historic manuscripts and archives were purchased in late March at a public auction house “Marambat-Malafosse” in the city of Toulouse, France, according to the Algerian Ministry of Culture, quoted from World Bulletin.

“The documents include manuscripts, photographs, maps and rare books,” the Algerian Ministry of Culture explained without giving details of the contents of the document or how much it will cost.

Competition to get the document is very tight, says the Ministry of Culture, the Algerian government competes with a number of French private collectors and other institutions that bid.

The Ministry of Culture further stated that “the document will open up opportunities and opportunities for Algerian researchers to conduct historical studies based on valid main sources of validity”.

The presence of the Ottoman Caliphate in Algeria lasted for almost 3 centuries, ranging from 1518 to 1830. Meanwhile, the French occupation of Algeria lasted from 1830 to 1962.

The Algerian authorities have long accused the French colonial forces of stealing tens of thousands of documents of the Ottoman Caliphate era from Algeria and bringing the texts back to France.




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