Between Satan’s Strategy to Divide the Ummah

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Rasulullah shallallahu’alaihi wa sallam said,

إن الشيطان قد أيس أن يعبده المصلون فى جزيرة
العرب ولكن فى التحريش بينهم

“Actually Satan has despaired to be worshiped (the Muslims) who pray in the Arabian Peninsula, but he has not despaired to divide among them.” [HR. Muslim]

Al-Imam Ibnul Jauzi rahimahullah said,

والتحريش الإغراء والمعنى أنه يجتهد في إفساد ما
بينهم من التواصل ليقع التباغض

“At-Tahrisy (divide) is fuming, the meaning is, Satan does his best to destroy the relationship between the Muslims so that they hate each other.” [Kasyful Musykil min Hadith Ash-Shahihain, 1/752]

Al-Imam An-Nawawi Asy-Syafi’i rahimahullah explains:

ومعناه: أيس أن يعبده أهل جزيرة العرب, ولكنه سعى في التحريش بينهم بالخصومات والشحناء والحروب والفتن ونحوها

“And the meaning of it is that the devil has despaired to be worshiped by the Arabian Peninsula, but he is still trying to divide the Muslims with hostility, hatred, warfare, slander and the like.” [Muslim Sharia, 17/1]

Allah Azza Wa Jalla, said:

وقل لعبادى يقولوا التى هى أحسن إن الشيطن ينزغ بينهم إن الشيطن كان للإنسن عدوا مبينا

“And say unto my servants, Let them speak a better word (verily), for indeed the devil [always] raises a dispute among them: for Satan is a man of man.” (Surah Al-Isra ’17: Verse 53)

A’dawah, this is a form of Satan’s strategy, which means trying to instill enmity. Satan seeks to cultivate hostility among humans. Usually the enmity begins with prejudice. In order for human beings to be hostile, demons usually cultivate prejudice. Therefore be careful if we are prejudiced against others, we have actually trapped the strategy of the devil.

Among other devil’s vision is to make all the children of Adam’s grandson become his followers. So, if it is not realized as a whole, there needs to be a step for people to fall apart. The way he does is to pit a human lamb. This step is programmed as exhilarating as possible, both provoking personnel and programs in the form of fitnah-fitah, spread among humans or other programs vulnerable to contention, such as gambling, liquor programs, and so forth. Even through a very subtle program that seems to be Islamic so many fellow clans are endless and finished until the end of time.

Jabir Radliallahu Anhu, narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Truly, the Devil has despaired of those who pray, to worship him, but he always incites them” (Muslim 1816)

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