Shaykh Ibrahim Ar-Ruhaili: Jihad Is Shari’a, But Got Provisions

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Professor of Aqidah at the Islamic University of Madinah (UIM) who is also a regular lecturer at Masjid Nabawi, Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Amir ar-Ruhaili said that jihad against kufr is an eternal shariah until the end of time, it’s just that jihad has terms and conditions that must be fulfilled before it is executed.

This was stated when describing the book of Fathurrahim al-Malik al-Allam by Sheikh Abdurrahman Nashir as-Sa’di on the recitation of ba’da Maghrib at Masjid Nabawi on Thursday (20/10/2016) yesterday.

“Jihad against kufr is an eternal shariah until the end of time, jihad is God’s command, and we are commanded to always prepare ourselves in the face of His enemies,” explained Sheikh Ibrahim.

“Furthermore, it should be noted that jihad is a great worship, even the culmination of worship. This great charity has the terms and conditions, there are fiqihnya that must be studied and executed, do not move just like that, “he continued.

According to Sheikh Ibrahim, the command of jihad should be sourced from leaders, especially leaders of the country for this era. Not sourced from individual individuals or groups. It does not say jihad if it moves independently.

“The command of jihad came out of the long deliberation of Ahlul Halli wal Aqdi. They will see maslahat and further mudharat, see the power of self and enemy and many other things. Only the results of their deliberations that become our command moves, if ordered out then we must come out, but if asked to be patient then we must refrain, “he explained.

The World’s View of the Concept of Jihad
At the end of the discussion, Shaykh Ibrahim invites Muslims, especially the youth to study jihad fiqih with a true and profound study, of course after studying and mastering the laws more easily and fundamental in Islam.

“It is sad that an Islamic youth has not mastered the chapter of Thaharah and has not washed properly and properly, then he dared to infiltrate fulan and fulan, then wrote to his parents,” I am out jihad, to meet in Heaven, “this is very dangerous, he Can be used by the enemy to destroy his own country, then the enemy enters easily into the land of Islam. Wallahu al-Musta’an, “he concluded. * / M Dienul Haq (Medina)




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