The Mysterious Man That Infaq 100 Million to Aleppo

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Hundreds of mothers crowded Nurul Jannah Mosque, Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Studies that present Ustazah Irene Handono also sucked the attention of a number of fathers.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, a young man approached the head of the Muslim Brotherhood (Salimah) Gresik, Lintang Sulistyowati, who was opening a donation post for Aleppo, Syria. He asked some questions about Aleppo and about donation collection.

As planned, Salimah cooperates with Forum of Education Al Quran (Fospiq), Aisyiyah and a number of other organizations will hold Aleppo care action on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at Roundabout I Love GKB. Prior to the big action, Salimah also raised donations through small forums including in the study organized by Fospiq.

“Then I want to donate this to Aleppo,” the man said after all his questions were answered. She handed me a bag.

What a shock Latitude. It contained fifty thousand.

“It’s from what institution or community, sir?”

“Write it from the servant of God,” he replied without indicating further identity. Latitude stunned at the departure of the “mysterious man”.

Latitude thinks the money is over 50 million. Once calculated, the amount is exactly 100 million.

When the story was shared in a group of da’wah activists, many of the students were amazed. Speech of takbir, tasbih and hamdalah berkahutan. Many are also praying for the man and pray that da’wah activists are also predestined by God to imitate him.

Infaq big with sincerity. That’s what we got from him. 100 million is not a little money. Especially if diinfakkan for Muslim brothers nun far there. For most people, though rich, it does not necessarily feel light to keep that kind of money.

The only thing that can explain is sincerity. Insha Allah. He felt compelled to help the Muslim brothers who are still being shadowed by the massacre. The Basyar Assad regime’s huge air strike to Aleppo has left hundreds of Muslims dead and thousands more injured. Homes and schools were destroyed and now they are living in a daze. Even food is hard to get. It is only with the intention of helping the persecuted Muslim that makes one light a berinfaq.

And men do not want to be known at all. Even to just mention the name and address. He just wanted to be recorded as Abdullah, a servant of God.

So, as he has secrets in secret, may Allah guard his sincerity and receive his infaq. May the silent infaq bring great benefit to our brethren in Aleppo and inspire us to take part in the defense of our fellow believers. [Muchlisin BK / Bersamadakwah]




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