Sister, Do not Let Your Body Sweat

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – A sweaty body is a natural thing for both men and women. However, if sweat pours down causing skin allergies or rough skin especially around the armpit, that’s the problem, especially for women.

However, there is no need to grieve now that new solutions are available. There have been many studies done to monitor skin health and to assess.

In the pharmacies are also available a number of products that can reduce the level of sweat in a powerful way. Thus, to avoid this problem only takes less than a week.

At least, there are two types of sweat problems that can be solved by women themselves.

First, the problem of sweat is abundant. This condition should have special handling to adjust the volume of long-term perspiration.

Second, sweat profusely causing skin allergy or coarse skin (after armpit hairs are pulled or shaved). This problem must have the right solution to handle sweat profusely by maintaining the skin and balancing its treatment.

A study says that 25% of women are exposed to sweat problems because sweat gland activity moves so fast.

Meanwhile, another 75% experience sweat problems over the years. While 50% of them have to use body odor powder many times a day.

The process of stabilizing sweat is by regulating the volume of glands that amount to between two to five million sweat glands spread throughout the body.

Currently, body odor products are tailor-made to deal with sweaty, allergic or feathered skin problems which can lead to sweat breaks that some people experience.

Many women who experience this sweat problem look for a panacea that is efficacious and long lasting.

Powder is one of the most effective elements to regulate sweat profusely, because the granules will stick in the sweat drains and prevent it out.

Underarm skin has its own psychological, ie the number of elements that cause it allergies, such as moist, heat, the number of bacteria, friction with clothes, using leather stimulants, such as cleaning or daily activities such as plucking or shaving.

All of this can change the skin layer, so it can roughly make it rough, red, itchy and hot.

According to a poll conducted to women between the ages of 15 to 65 years that 70% of them said their underarm skin is very allergic and flushed or itchy. They are looking for a small product that works to stabilize it.

To that end, there is now a very fine body odor-removing powder containing a stabilizer element, a proline composed of plants that can keep the skin and grow natural immunity to fight disease.

So quoted from the book Kuni Aniqah by Shafa Syamandi. May be useful.




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