Become a tough Muslim

PRIBUMI ONLINE, TANJUNG ENIM – Suratmi is now struggling alone raising her five children, after her husband, Siyono, left the mortal world a year ago.

Still remembered clearly in his mind the bitter event that separates it with his soul mate it was. Precisely dated March 8, 2016, the husband who daily became a teacher of the Ngaji taken by force by Densus 88 Police Headquarters on charges of involvement in terrorism cases. However, when sent back Suratmi had to swallow the bitter pill because of her husband’s body that he met.

In the midst of the many weak women will glitter the world, he is not slumped and seduced by the lure of matter. Suratmi only wants justice for her husband who until now did not find a solution. He only wants justice for his children who now must grow without the guidance and affection of a father.

Suratmi also not the figure of a crybaby woman who constantly lament the calamity that happened to him. He is a tough man and continues to face the obstacles that exist in front of him to obtain justice that should be his. Really Suratmi is a formidable woman worthy and worthy of being an example for the muslimah.

It is not impossible that what happens to Suratmi will befall us in the future. Especially as a Muslim who istiqamah in carrying Islamic da’wah and being a wife who also always support the husband in conveying the truth, is a natural thing if the various obstacles that obstruct da’wah whether it is slander, propaganda and arrest and even loss of life will color our journey.

Therefore we must prepare ourselves to be a strong Muslim to deal with all that. For that need provision and preparation to become a tough Muslim.

First, weep for fear and remember Allah Almighty. From Abu Raihannah, he said; We went out with the Messenger of Allah in one battle. We heard him say: “Hell is forbidden to eyes that tear out for fear of Allah. Hell is forbidden over the eyes that do not sleep in the way of Allah. “Abu Rahainah said; I forgot all three. But afterwards I heard him say, “Hell is forbidden to the eyes that turn away from everything that Allah has forbidden.” (Narrated by Ahmad, Al-Hakim in his Sahih, approved by Adz-Dzahabi and An-Nasai).

Fear and cry because Allah Almighty will widen our hearts and make our soul calm, and keep us from the things that are forbidden by Allah SWT, one of them despair in the face of various exams.

Second, expect the grace of Allah and not despair of His mercy. A must for a Muslim to always be kind to the Almighty Allah. Among the marks of a good Muslim thought in Allah SWT is expecting the grace, the way out, forgiveness and the help of Allah SWT in every test. Allah SWT praises those who expect such things as Allah Almighty gives praise to those who fear Allah SWT.

“Verily those who believe, those who emigrate and strive in the Way of Allah, expect the mercy of Allah, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (TQS Al-Baqarah 2: 218).

By always expecting and not despairing of Allah’s grace will give positive energy to us because every problem there must be solution.

Third, patiently face the trials and pleas against Allah’s provisions. The true patience is when we always speak the truth and istiqamah pursue the path of truth.

A Muslim who strives for patience is prepared to risk the suffering in the way of God for saying and practicing the truth without turning, being weak or soft. As the attitude of Suratmi in fighting for justice for her husband.

Forbearance of trials and blessings on the provisions of Allah will lead us to a consistent attitude to always hold fast to the Book of Allah, not to throw it under the pretext of the weight of trials. Forbearance like this will increasingly add to the closeness of a servant to his Rabb.

“We will indeed tempt you with a little fear, of famine, of wealth, of soul and of fruits. And give the glad tidings of those who are steadfast, those who, when struck by disaster, they say, ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un’. They are the ones who have perfect blessing and the grace of their Lord, and they are the ones who are guided. “(TQS Al-Baqarah [2]: 155-157).

By practicing all three, God willing we can form ourselves into a tough Muslim in His way, and ready to give birth to a powerful generation of Muslims in defending and fighting for the enforcement of Allah’s law above the world. Allahu’alam bisshawab.




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